Two gold and three silver medals in Schönau am Königssee

Nowadays the World Championship in bobsleigh and skeleton take place. The Berchtesgaden country has land next to the Werdenfelser (Ski Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen) and the district of Traunstein (Speed Skating Championships in Inzell) in 2011 hosted the World Championships in winter sports. The title fights in the district of Berchtesgaden started on 2/19/2011 with a small opening on „Weihnachtsschützenplatz“ before Cathleen Martini took the first gold medal on Saturday in bobslight. On Sunday double-Silver followed in the bobslight (man) by Thomas Florschuetz and Manuel Machata, the imports at the same time for four runs in the end behind the Russian Alexander Zubkov (residue +0.18) in second place. A few hours later won the two teams and Germany 2 Germany 1 (one Skeletoni women / men as well as a two-man women / men) gold and silver in the team competition.

Interesting here was mainly the battle between Team 1 and Team Germany Germany 2: the favored first team had to be subordinate to the team-mates. For Team 2 – the gold medalists in the world championships – were among the Skeletonis Michi Halilovic and Marion Thees and the the bob slight teams Sandra Kiriasis / Stephanie Schneider and Friedrich Francesco / Florian Becke. So that Germany could since the premiere in 2007 (St. Moritz) decide each time the team competition for themselves. Just below the place were Skeletonis Frank Rommel, Anja Huber, Cathleen Martini and the bob-teams Kristin Steinert and Karl Angerer / Alex Mann

Königssee is the oldest rink in the world. Berchtesgaden with this ice rink is like Garmisch-Partenkirchen, part of the Olympic Games in Munich 2018th On Thursday, 24/02/2011 will the next competition.


Francesco Friedrich gegen Karl Angerer: Bob-Herren machen Weltmeisterschaft unter sich aus

Mit 6 Hundertstelsekunden Abstand hatten die Skeleton-Damen die Bob-Herren auf die Reise geschickt. Deutschland I mit Anja Huber lag vor dem letzten Lauf knapp vor Deutschland II, wo Marion Thees an Francesco Friedrich ‚übergeben‘ hatte. Das Team aus Kanada (Platz 3) konnten die DSV-Athleten dabei klar in Schach halten. Der Lokalmathador Karl Angerer schaffte es am Ende nicht, dass Deutschland I sich vor Deutschland II platzierte.

Damit siegten Sandra Kiriasis, Francesco Friedrich (Bob), Marion Thees und Michael Halilovic (Skeleton) vor ihren deutschen Mannschaftskollegen Cathleen Martini, Karl Angerer (Bob), Anja Huber und …. (Skeleton). Am Ende war der Vorsprung 6 Hundertstel Sekunden – allerdings anders herum, als vor dem Herren-Zweiter-Bob.